Tax Talks

During the academic year, on the third Thursday of each month, we will host an informal online discussion on tax topics, with our research team or other guests. 

We promise a different topic and a different experience in every session: round tables, workshops or seminars with ample opportunities for Q&A. And always for free.

Follow us on social media for regular updates and for the links to our Tax Talks. Our next tax talks will be:

18 November 2021 (in Portuguese): O que têm os impostos a ver com a crise política na aprovação do Orçamento de Estado para 2022?

16 December 2021 (in English): Digital nomads: no taxation without representation?


Hot Topics

The ongoing (re)evolution of the tax systems can be overwhelming. 

With the Hot Topics project, we intend to spread the main Portuguese, European and International tax news to the community in order to promote awareness of these constant changes and contribute to tax education.

Keep up with the Tax Hot Topics on our Linkedin and Instagram pages.

Tax Blackboard

Some great thoughts are not ready to be printed, but they can be written on a blackboard. 

Our Tax Blackboard is a project to disseminate ideas that were not yet subject to thorough research but hold valuable insights or present problems to be reflected upon. Every blackboard entry is up to 100 words, dated and signed by the author.

You can contribute via our form.