We believe in multiple platforms and various means of doing and conveying science. And we know how important it can be to grasp content through audio format. Not all minds follow the same learning process and the daily rhythm does not always allow for the continuous reading of written materials or the presence at a scheduled time in sessions or webinars.

That is why we created the Podcast NOVA Tax Talks, which can be easily included in personal routines, at any moment in time.

Every month, recorded alternately in Portuguese and English, we will have 30-minute conversations about the most relevant issues for those wanting to learn more, and the most addictive topics to avowed tax enthusiasts.

If taxes are everywhere, we will also pursue them the same way, and we will try to demystify them in every aspect.

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In our next episode (in English), Rita Calçada Pires and Tiago Cassiano Neves will talk about Digital nomads: no taxation without representation?

Stay tuned! 🎧

On the first episode (in Portuguese), NOVA Tax Research Lab Director, Rita Calçada Pires, invites Diogo Feio (FDUP/Sérvulo & Associados) to discuss what taxes have to do with the political crisis in 2022 State Budget approval.

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