One of NOVA TAX RESEARCH LAB’s goals is to bring academic tax thinking closer to tax practice. The complex reality of contemporary taxation is not compatible with an isolated gaze by academics nor by practitioners. It is essential to pursue paths of interaction and integration of both views to generate a realistic and profound analysis that shows what is right and what needs to be changed.

NOVA TAX RESEARCH LAB is committed to creating, developing and innovating by engaging in a dialogue with tax practice, integrating it in its modus operandi and in how knowledge is created.  Under such objectives, we welcome NOVA TAX Practitioners: professionals of merit in the tax market, who integrate the work developed by our Knowledge Center and develop with academics a practical approach to taxation.

One of the collaborations in this field is the NOVA TAX PRACTITIONERS’ COLUMN, a space dedicated to reflecting upon the hands-on problems of taxation. This Column offers detailed look by tax professionals, with their personal apprehensions and considerations. These are unique positions, assumed as such, of the exclusive responsibility of each author, but aiming to contribute to an overarching reflection of taxation.

There are two types of professionals: NOVA TAX SENIOR PRACTITIONERS, with comprehensive experience in the field, and NOVA TAX JUNIOR PRACTITIONERS, who are starting their professional path but still bring valuable content for consideration. We want a balance between different views, perspectives and dimensions of taxation, so we welcome senior and junior voices.