NOVA Tax Research Lab is a knowledge centre established in the Center for Research & Development on Law and Society (CEDIS) of NOVA School of Law.

It stemmed from the need for academic reflection and intervention on the ongoing (re)evolution of the tax systems and on the new challenges imposed on tax administrations and taxpayers.

It is aimed to bring taxation topics closer to the community, design impactful training, and promote innovative and multidisciplinary research on national and international issues related to taxation. You can find our by-laws here (in Portuguese).



NOVA Tax Research Lab’s mission is to promote research and activities concerned with the latest challenges of taxation from Portuguese, European and International perspectives.

In addition to developing research, publications and other technical analysis, NOVA Tax Research Lab also designs training and workshops and organizes conferences and talks.

NOVA Tax Research Lab aims to be the bridge between the academy, private and public sectors, as well as civil society, for a coherent discussion of tax challenges.


meet our team

Tax Lab Director

Rita Calçada Pires

Director's words


Creating a Tax Research Lab has long been a dream of mine. Not to increase the number of centres in my faculty, nor much less to compete with other research centres.

I have always felt the need to imbue tax research with a centrally humanist signature, capable of going beyond the complexities and natural antagonisms inherent to the legal tax relationship. I feel the need to somehow strengthen the research approach, deeply integrating the various scientific areas underlying taxation. Being ours a legal approach, it does not abandon the recognition of many other impacts, absorbing them, assuming them and working with them.

The NOVA Tax Research Lab, affectionately nicknamed NOVA Tax Lab, is born aiming to generate value in tax knowledge. It aspires to become an example of how taxation can and should be researched. We do not anchore ourselves to the national domain, we assume a global approach and offer our lenses to the analysis and reflection about what exists and what can and should exist in the universe of taxation. We are not afraid of trial and error, as we are not troubled with attempting creation of alternative solutions for taxation. Even if they seem futuristic, naïve or impracticable. We follow Victor Hugo’s belief, “There is nothing like dream to create the future. Utopia today, flesh and blood tomorrow.”

We begin with small, but consistent steps. We will not do more than what the accuracy and the objectivity of what creates value will allow us to do. This is the only way to perceive our research. In all this process we wish to communicate, with academia, with society with political and economic agents. We desire creating networks of knowledge and reflection to better and more actively propose valid and alternative paths to think, interpret and apply Tax Law.

And so, we begin.

And so, here we are,

NOVA Tax Lab Coordination

diogo feio

Mariana Passos Beraldo

Marta Carmo

José Avilez Ogando

Pedro Costa Monteiro

Rosa Soares

Sara Neto

NOVA Tax Lab Researchers

Álvaro Silveira de Meneses

Ana Beatriz gens

Ana Júlia Trindade

Barbara Mussi

Bruno Martins

Carla Valério

Carolina Porto Silva

Catarina Fonseca

Catarina Gomes Correia

Daniel Tavares Lopes

Disha Bheda

Duarte Canau

Eduardo Vieira Raposo

Gonçalo Araújo Pedrosa

Gonçalo Brites

Henrique Guia Ribola

Joana Tavares de Oliveira

João Comenda António

João Gabriel Gonçalves

José Pedro Barros

Lara Silva

Luís Castilho

Luís Machado

Maria Inês Cotrim

Mariana Rodrigues Brito

Miguel Marques Rocha

Olivier Pereira Flinterman

Pedro Ferreirinha

rafaela Cruz

Raphael Bugalho

Rita Campos Pereira

Telmo Soares

Tiago Marques

Tiago Vieira

Teresa Bouza Serrano

Professional Correspondents

Afonso Costa Gomes

Dalila Mendes Leal

Diana Figueiredo

Gonçalo Grade Monteiro

José Miguel Saraiva

maria Lima Ferreira

Nuno Jacinto

Rafael Graça

Tiago Cassiano Neves